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In the Places of the Spirits

In the Places of the Spirits (SAR Press, 2010) features 76 duotone plates of ancient cultural landscapes. David Noble's text interweaves cultural information relating to the images with personal reflections, memoir, and stories about photographing. N. Scott Momaday, the Pulitzer-Prize novelist and poet, wrote the Foreword.

"This book is about humanity, timelessness, and place in the American Southwest. Amidst an alternating beat of facts, personal narrative, and photographs of landscapes imprinted with ancient images and ancestral homes, the reader/viewer is engaged in a singular odyssey through centuries and sacred space where the boundaries of time are erased. As David Noble explores the unpredictable and uncertain bridges between past and present, he weaves all of us into a continuous—if not seamless—fabric of being in a moment in time."

Polly Schaafsma, author of Indian Rock Art of the Southwest

"In the Places of the Spirits renews our appreciation of the ancient heritage of the American Southwest and of the modern art of photography."

George A. Miles, Curator, Western Americana Collection,
Yale University Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

"Silence inheres in the deepest heart of the Southwest, and it is a foundation of David Grant Noble's words and images."

N. Scott Momaday, author of House Made of Dawn.

"Noble's openness and sensitivity to people, light, and spirit make In the Places of the Spirits a beautiful and deeply rewarding book."

The Bloomsbury Review

"The hunter and the gatherer are in us, for the most part unemployed, but still alert, awaiting instructions. We are more than just ourselves; we are everyone in our collective past. What we are not, yet, is our future."

From In the Places of the Spirits